A Michigan-based Cannabis company is offering to hire more than 400 former Burger King employees who were fired last month when 26 restaurants, mostly in the Detroit area, were shuttered.

The displaced employees have been offered to join Stiiizy, which makes a popular of vape pods, infused blunts, and pre-rolls. The employees who are interested in working for the company will be working at Stiiizy's manufacturing facility in Orion Township.

Timing is Everything

The company says last month's layoffs came at a time when they were beginning to talk about long-range plans to boost its workforce in order to meet increased demand for its products.

“We’re really blessed to be in the position we are to hire people,” Ryan Jundt, managing partner of STIIIZY, tells Metro Times. “We came to the realization a few months ago that every time we make more [products], we simply sell more."

Jundt goes on to say that the company has had a hard time keeping up with demand for its product.

A representative for Stiiizy tells Metro Times that the company can immediately hire up to 200 workers, and if there's interest from the remaining 200 former Burger King employees, they will be invited to come onboard in the next few months.

Good Paying Jobs

Stiiizy will offer both full- and part-time jobs, and says it plans to pay more than most of the employees were making working for the fast-food giant. Most employees can expect to make $16 for day shifts and $16.50 for night shift positions.

Stiiizy currently operates dispensaries in Ferndale, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo. Its cannabis products are sold at about 500 retailers across Michigan.

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