Just because students aren't taking tests anymore doesn't mean they can't get rewarded for correct answers.

Burger King will be awarding free Whoppers this week for answering daily questions on their social media sites. This is a really cool idea from the folks at Burger King. Now through April 20th, you and your students can score a free Whopper.

All you have to do is visit their social media pages every day, including Facebook and Instagram. There you will find a question to answer. Today's (4/13/20) question was in the subject of math. The answer to the question is the promo code one would use on their app to get the free whopper. To see the complete rules and details of the questions, click here. 

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Now that I know this is a daily thing, I see a lot of free whoppers in my future. I really need to commit to working out again though, because the amount of food I am eating is out of control, but who can pass up a free Whopper?

Source: Burger King


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