He has denied the allegations, calling them "political games.

Davison School Board member and candidate for Genesee County Clerk Matthew Smith is being accused of threatening to kill the dogs of a clerk from the Upper Peninsula earlier this year.

The allegations came a couple of weeks ago, but the phone call in question was made back in March to Houghton County Clerk Jennifer Kelly. She received the call at approximately 1 AM on March 6th in which she says that a male voice claimed to be from the TV show “Hoarders" and that, according to police reports, her home and office were a "mess." Kelly then said that the caller called her a "f***ing b****" and threatened to poison her dogs.

Kelly is running against Justin Kasieta for re-election. Police say that phone records show that Kasieta was listening in on the call when it was made.

She reported the incident to the Houghton County Sheriff's Department which, upon investigation, found that the call could be traced to Matthew Smith's phone.

Smith denies the allegations, claiming that his phone number must have been "spoofed." Kasieta told the police that the call was Smith's idea. Michigan's attorney general is currently investigating.

The Houghton County commissioner, as well as State House candidate Janet Metsa are calling for Smith's resignation. An online petition to remove Smith from the school board has almost 800 signatures.

This is ugly and just another terrible example of the sad state of politics in this state and country.

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