Because talk about an infusion of cash that would help ANY small business right now - let's help her out!

Diane Rhines is the owner of Sweet Afterthoughts, a bakery that will be (hopefully) opening soon in the old Jablonski's bakery location at Belsay and Atherton roads. She's been baking out of her house for the last five years; she said that her business grew to the point that it was hard to continue, so she purchased the Burton location.

"We're very close to opening. There are a couple of more inspections to be done; we hope to be open in about two weeks, just in time for the holidays," Diane told us on the morning show.

She says that she  learned to bake from her grandma and her mom, who were both excellent cooks. And now, she's in the running for a $10,000 cash prize and the title of The Greatest Baker.

The winner will be featured in Bake from Scratch Magazine, receive a year’s supply of Stuffed Puffs (which are the most AMAZING chocolate-filled marshmallows), and $10,000.

Diane is currently in second place and needs our help - they're making another round of cuts in the contest tonight, so make sure to cast your vote HERE.

A HUGE good luck to Diane and Sweet Afterthoughts and a big "thank you" for coming on the morning show today to talk about it! We love helping to support local businesses, and we are DEFINITELY getting a pie from Diane for Thanksgiving!

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