Genesee County Sheriff's Office via Facebook[/caption]A bomb threat to the Genesee County Sheriff's office threatened to disrupt the state's first expungement event which was held on Wednesday (6/2).

Sheriff Chris Swanson tells Mid Michigan Now that he believes the threat was intended to "disrupt something great" as people across the state were given the opportunity at a second chance.

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Genesee County was chosen as the location for Michigan's first expungement fair, which gave more than 700 people the chance to have crimes that are long in their past cleared from their history.

What Happened?

The Sheriff says the bomb threat came at about 2:30 pm on Wednesday. His office worked with officers from the Michigan State Police to secure the perimeter and block traffic in and out of the area. Two explosive-detection dogs were deployed in order to sweep the Genesee County Jail building. Swanson reports that no explosive devices were found.

Because Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was on hand for the event, her security team was also tapped to maintain security during the event.

Sheriff Swanson tells the TV station that the secure perimeter was maintained throughout the rest of the day and bags were checked as anyone entered the event.

Other expungement events will be held at different venues throughout the state later this year.

Expungement is an opportunity for residents to have qualifying misdemeanors or felonies erased from their records. A new law, which passed in April of this year, allows for some convictions to be set aside.

Video from the event is below.


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