Relax, everything is good, Michigan is not at the top of the list. Nearly $19 billion in state unemployment benefits were paid in error during the three years that ended in June, according to the Labor Department.

Let's find out who got the cash after the jump.

The Labor Department launched a plan to crack down on the improper payments, targeting Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Louisiana and Arizona in particular for their high error rates.

Those states will undergo additional monitoring and technical assistance until their error rates dip below 10% and remain there for at least six months, according to the Labor Department.

Improper payments most often occur when recipients claim benefits even though they have returned to work.

Indiana had the highest error rate, with improper payments accounting for more than 43% of the total amount paid.

Michigan doesn't even fall into the top-ten, when it comes to errors, but we do when it comes to unemployment, go figure.

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