With winter fast approaching, it's about time to start thinking about fun activities to do during the long winter days. One great thing to do around Flint during the winter -- besides sliding on snowy roads -- is to get sledding. Here are a five great local spots to take your family sledding.

  • asterix611, Flickr
    asterix611, Flickr

    General Squire Memorial Park

    Dryden, Mich.

    General Squire Park is a great place to take the family sledding, even though its a bit of a drive from Flint, it's still worth it. The gentle sloping hill is great for younger kids, but you still build up enough speed for the bigger kids to enjoy.

  • Lapeer County Parks
    Lapeer County Parks

    Rowden Park

    Lapeer, Mich.

    Rowden Park -- located across the road from Lapeer Regional Medical Center -- is better know to Lapeer residents as the 'water tower.' This place is always packed when there's enough snow to sled on. This hill is great for younger and older kids, as well as adults. Plus, if you get hurt it's only a short walk to the hospital -- that is if its not a broken leg.

  • clockwerks, Flickr
    clockwerks, Flickr

    Dead Man's Hill

    Between Davison and Lapeer, Mich

    Dead Man's Hill gets its name from an accident that happened on the hill -- Stanley Graczyk died while bringing a load of logs down the hill. This changes the way most people look at the hill, it was always said as an area urban legend that some kid died while sledding. Dead Man's Hill is most likely only safe for older kids and adults due to the steepness of the hill. Dead Man's Hill is located at the end of Washburn Rd. if you are heading north.

  • cmiked, Flickr
    cmiked, Flickr

    Flint Southwestern Academy

    Flint, Mich.

    Everyone who drives west on I-69 knows about Flint Southwestern Academy's sledding hill -- if there's snow on the ground there's always someone sledding at the hill. What makes Southwestern's hill great is they occsionally put tires down to help you make your way up the hill, plus if you don't mind walking a bit you can always take the stairs.

  • hynkle, Flickr
    hynkle, Flickr

    Creasey Bicentennial Park

    Grand Blanc, Mich.

    Creasey Bicentennial Park is a great place to take the whole family sledding. Located a short distance from downtown Grand Blanc on Grand Blanc Rd. it's pretty easy to find -- just before the US-23 overpass. Bicentennial Park will normally have an attendant monitoring the hill on weekends and when the attendant is on duty, a warming hut will be turned on, and a $2 per person fee will be collected.

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