Now that it's finally nice outside, it's probably a lot easier to take your pets out for some much needed exercise.  J and I decided to come up with a list of favorite places to take our pets (Sammi and Morgan) and thought we would share with you, in case you're looking for somewhere to go.

1. Creasey Bicentenial Park

This is Sammi’s favorite place to go for a walk and run. The park is actually a  great place for the entire family with a splash pad, baseball and soccer fields, a large sheltered picnic area,  and a winter toboggan run.  Currently they are fundraising for additions to the dog park, but as it is today, it’s still a great place to take your pet for a run or a walk.

There are trails that go back into the woods and wind past wooden benches and ponds. There are very few people that use the back woods portion, so often Sammi gets to run free thru the trail. She never misses a chance to take a dip in the pond when we pass. There are also large open fields if you and your pet want to play fetch with a tennis ball or Frisbee.  It’s open daily from 8am till dusk and is one of the best places we’ve ever found for a walk.

2. Pet Smart

I never go to Pet Smart without Sammi. Not only are they pet friendly in the store (they always have treats for the critters), but the large selection of treats & toys always gets Sammi’s attention. She will walk the aisles sniffing and smelling for her favorite treats. She will actually stop and wait for me to acknowledge her choice of treats.

One of her favorite parts about the visit to Pet Smart is in the grooming section where she can see the other dogs getting groomed. She will stand by the window and just watch, sometimes to the dismay of the dog being groomed.

3. Genesys Health Park

In case you aren’t familiar with this path, it runs thru the Genesys complex. It’s a long, almost four mile paved walkway thru a winding tree lined trail. There lots of ponds along the paths with an assortment of wildlife visible. Parking is easy at either end of the trail. This is one of the busier trails around because a number of the staff at Genesys use it for their personal walking or jogging exercise. It is critical that your dog remain on a leash thru this trail because of the traffic volume. Late in the evening is the best time to take advantage of this wonderful trail.

4. The Lake

If your dog loves water like mine does, it really doesn’t matter which lake you go to, as long as animals are permitted. Sammi loves the water and never misses a chance to take a dunk. She is especially fond of lakes with ducks in them. She could never catch one, but for her it’s just the thrill of that momentary chase.

5. Abernathy Regional Park

If you haven't had a chance to take your dog to the trails at Abernathy Regional Park in Davison, you need to go there sometime. The path is about four miles and it's a really nice trail. If your dog is like mine and gets easily distracted by trying to meet new people, you can take a break at the playscape, tennis courts, baseball field or the grills. Morgan is a big fan of joining people while they're grilling and it's a good excuse for her to stop walking to take a break.

Where are some places you take your dog?