Tuesday September 20, 2022 is National Pepperoni Pizza Day.  You can say there's no such thing as bad pizza and you're not wrong, but many pizza's are soooo much better!

Here are the local spots you should plan to order from on National Pepperoni Pizza Day 2022 -- and don't worry, nobody will care if you order extras on top of your pepperoni.

These are my Top 8 choices (in no particular order) for pizza pie around Genesee County:

#1 Pizza MIA, Grand Blanc, MI

Not only is the Pizza great, but their Pepperoni Pinwheels are unique and delicious.  They'll give you plenty of marinara sauce.  Don't forget to ask for the garlic cream cheese sauce!  You'll be addicted

#2 Cottage Inn, all over Michigan and now in Davison, too.

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Cottage Inn started in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) and has successfully expanded all over the state.  Their sauce and crust is outstanding and the late night hours make questionable late night adult beverages, even better!

#3 The White Horse Tavern, Downtown Flint, MI

This spot is legendary.  Saturday's always means a pizza deal.  The crust is perfectly thick and soft, but not doughy with a great crust.  No matter the toppings, you won't find a better deal on local, homemade, pizza.  And depending on the time you go ...you might get the signature, hearty laugh out of Matty behind the bar!

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#4 Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill, Grand Blanc, MI (and all over Michigan)

Aubree's has been in Grand Blanc several years (where the old Citgo used to be on Saginaw Street at Grand Blanc Road). Their family owned company is celebrating 50 years, too.  They offer personal and large sizes in any type of crust you could want -- thin to deep.  Pro-Tip: get the Cajun seasoning!

#5 Sicilian Brother's Pizza, Davison, MI

My family loves the fresh ingredients.  Their creativity is strong, too.  Try the Chicken Fajita pie with some ranch!

#6 Luigi's Restaurant Davison Rd, Flint, MI

This place is a Flint stable.  No matter what you get...the crust is perfectly flaky.  And the pizza is GIANT.  Next time you have a weekend party -- try it!

#7 Mario's Pizza Fenton Road, Flint, MI (No joke)

This is the place I'd stop for during most visits home over the 15 years I lived around the US.  Look, the pizza is FANTASTIC -- you can load up on toppings and the crust holds up. That isn't the only thing on the menu worth trying.  Go crazy with your taste buds, you won't be disappointed!

#8 Papa Bella's Mill Street, Ortonville (Not technically Genesee County, it's Oakland)

Round or square, they've got you.  The big reason I had to include this is because their Detroit-Style pizza is unbelievably good!  Make it a day-trip.  Treat yourself to the parm crust, too. (But don't you dare drive there and NOT get Detroit-Style! :)

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