Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has been making his way across the country lending a helping hand for about a month now with his Barstool Fund. Donations from individuals and celebrities have the fund checking in a whopping $28 million plus raised and growing by the minute.

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Now the incredible outpouring of love and assistance has made its way to Fenton. Holly Lanes Bowling Center, located on Grange Hall Road, was one of the latest recipients of the fund created to aid small businesses struggling during the pandemic.

Portnoy made the FaceTime call to owner Brian Aubuchon to share the good news. Aubuchon had submitted several emails and a video hoping to catch the eye of Portnoy. Holly Lanes was facing an uncertain future and was in desperate need of help.

Because of Covid-19 closures they had only been open only about 66 days in 2020. Aubuchon still has about 8 employees on payroll and was making it a priority to keep giving them check.  Although friends and community had rallied to help with fundraisers, they needed a big "break".

In the call Aubuchon, overcome with emotion, told Portnoy he is "family for life" and that he will be naming a pizza after the Barstool Sport founder and owner. Aubuchon said that Holly Lanes is getting into the pizza business and there will now be a "El Pres", Portnoy is known as El Presidente, pizza once things are open.

On the Facebook page for Holly Lanes, Aubuchon comments,

"There will never be a truly proper way to thank everyone that’s stuck with us and Dave Portnoy for believing in us! So I’ll just give you my most Humble thank you!"

Portnoy, who was actually in Detroit when he made the call to Aubuchon, told him his letter moved him and he knew he wanted to help. According to Aubuchon, Holly Lanes will receive about $20,000 a month in help, and  should receive the funds within 72 hours. Just in time to keep the small town staple alive.


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