It was all part of the Manilow Music Drive, a program that helps donate used instruments to schools in cities that he performs in.

Manilow, who performed at the Palace of Auburn Hills on February 15th, donated instruments such as a piano, a violin, percussion, brass and wind instruments. Vince DeLuca, the band and choir director and Pontiac middle & high schools, says, "This couldn’t come at a better time. This is my first year at the high school, and they’re looking to build up the program to put Pontiac school bands back on the map."

You can read the full story HERE.

My hairdresser actually told me about this! She was doing my hair and telling me all about how amazing the Barry Manilow concert was, and then she told me about his donations to the music program. Amazing! I'm a former band/orchestra/choir geek, and considering how badly they're slashing music programs in schools nowadays, I think this is great timing!