Now THAT is an incredible way to start a three-day fundraiser!

This morning, at 6 AM, we kicked off the 5th annual Roof Sit for the Whaley Children's Center. If you're new to the program, welcome. Here's what we do: we set up a temporary abode on the roof of the McDonald's in Grand Blanc for the kids at Whaley.

Whaley Children's Center houses 42 kids that have been through some of the most horrific abuse and neglect that you can imagine. Without being too graphic, it's the kind of stuff that you hear on shows like Law & Order.

The staff at Whaley provides a home for these kids when they need it the most. They live there, they're educated there, they spend holidays there, etc. And the staff at Whaley is their family. That's why we live up on a roof, in 90-degree weather for three days - to raise money for that family.

We've had an AMAZING first day! The total raised as of 4 PM today was $16,003, and I'm sure it's gone up since then. Big thanks to everybody who came by and donated, big or small today. It all adds up and it's all appreciated.

Big thanks to our sponsors:

  • Flagpoles Etc.
  • Christenson & Fiederlein, PC
  • Mundy Family Care
  • Dort Financial Credit Union

...and to Home Depot, Signs by Crainne, Allied Rental and Tradewinds RV for the supplies to build our platform, the manpower, the life and the RV that stays on-site for staff.

There's still plenty of time to donate, which you can do by clicking HERE.

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2020 Roof Sit - Day One

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