If I hadn't already paid bills with mine, I'd do the same thing...for tacos.

Alexander Walter is a graduate of Western Michigan University. When he was in college, he would frequent a restaurant called Taco Bob's in Kalamazoo. The owner, who's name was...wait for it...Bob, recognized him when he'd come in and give him a discount for being a loyal customer.

Walter has always remembered that kindness and, when he received his stimulus check during the pandemic, he decided to give the entire thing to Taco Bob's.

He comes from a family that was built on being small business owners and said that he has always respected the hustle of people trying to make their own way. He's an employee at Kellogg's IT department and since he was still working and receiving a paycheck, he wanted to do something charitable with it.

The man, the myth, the legend, Taco Bob Ketteman passed away in March and his family is planning on starting a foundation to honor his legacy of "positivity," according to MLive.

His family is planning on having the foundation go public by sometime in 2021. Until then, all monetary donations will be set aside until it is established as a non-profit.

This is a wonderful example of good karma - treat others the way you'd like to be treated. This guy never forgot the kindness shown to him from Taco Bob, and he gave back in a big way when he was financially able to.

Now, we're curious as to how many tacos you can buy with a stimulus check...

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