We have the pleasure of babysitting our 3-year-old granddaughter every other weekend and as her vocabulary grows, she continues to keep us in stitches almost every time she opens her mouth.

We call them Charleigh-isms, and this weekend was a goldmine!

Who was it that said, "Kids say the darndest things?" Oh crap, it was Bill Cosby. I guess that's unfortunate...

So here's a synopsis of my weekend with Charleigh:

  • I spilled some coffee in the car and was immediately offered some helpful advice. "You should hold onto it with both hands. That's what I do. That's what my mama teached me."
  • Charleigh asked if she had ever been to Cars 108. I told her yes, one time when she was a baby. "Do you have a playground there?" "No, I'm sorry, Cars 108 is only a place for grownups." (Then I realized how ridiculous that statement was...)
  • She showed us how to do pushups, and noted that Daddy taught her how to do them. "Mommy is too old to do pushups." (But our daughter-in-law is actually the younger of her parents...)
  • Visiting my wife's aunt, Charleigh needed a little help using the bathroom. There was quite a crowd, and as she finished up she instructed me, "Don't let any of those people see my butt!"
  • We were in Grand Blanc Saturday and as we approached McDonald's she said, "I sure would love to have a hash brown." How could I resist? We went in and she also decided that a muffin and fries would go great with a hash brown. After we loaded up on carbs, we headed into the play area where she played with two other little girls. After about two minutes she came to me and said, "They are my BEST friends!

Oh, the things she comes up with. And I start missing her almost immediately when her parents pick her up on Sundays.

Got any good kid quotes? I'd love to hear 'em!

(I have a couple of pics of the munchkin from the day she was born here.)

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