This weekend and next, Flint-area runners and walkers get an opportunity to test themselves on some hills.  With the Crim a little over a month away, there's still some time to improve if your training isn't wherre you hoped it would be.  The Bastille Day 5k and 15k is tomorrow in Fenton, your chance to test yourself against the infamous Denton Hill which comes at around Mile 8 of the 15k. 

Next Saturday, July 23rd is the Atwood Stadium 5k/10k races.  This one takes the place of the Tuuri, which for the last 31 years was always the toughest 10k around.  Both the 5k and 10k start and finish at Flint's historic Atwood Stadium, with the finish line on the field.  Much of the course is the same as the old Tuuri, with the exception of some uphills at the start and downhill at the end of the Atwood race.  The new race has a little more elevation gain than the Tuuri, but being able to rumble downhill at the end sounds pretty good to me!  The 5k starts at 7:30 followed by the 10k at 8:30.  Those who "double-up" and run both races get a special medal.  There is also a kids' race at 10 am.  Details & online signup available at:

atwood stadium

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