There was actually a time when Pine Knob wasn't the only gig in town for outdoor concerts. Flint's Atwood Stadium used to pack in the fans for some of the biggest and best concerts around.

The 11,000-seat stadium, which is now owned by Kettering University and is the home of the Flint City Bucks, opened in 1929. The stadium was named after Edwin W. Atwood, who was elected as the Mayor of the City of Flint in 1920 and also donated a portion of the site for the stadium. The stadium originally had a natural grass field, but in 1968 began using artificial turf. In 1992, the field was deemed unsafe and Atwood was closed.

In 1995, after $3.5 million in improvements which included a new artificial turf field, the stadium reopened and continued on with hosting football games for Flint Community Schools and other events. Still, back in its heyday, Flint's Atwood Stadium saw some pretty spectacular events. President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a speech at the stadium in 1936, and the stadium was home to the Flint Arrows,  a Class A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, from 1948-1951.

Who Took the Stage at Flint's Atwood Stadium?

From sports to rallies, Atwood has hosted just about everything, but it's the concerts that many remember, and some may not even know about. Technically, the first celebrity concert at Atwood was by entertainer Dinah Shore who performed for more than 17,000  fans during a three-day stint for the city of Flint’s 100th birthday celebration in 1955, but the stadium went on to host a pretty impressive lineup throughout the years. Take a look at some of the best shows to play Atwood.

Take a Step Back in Time Remembering These Concerts at Flint's Atwood Stadium

Some of the biggest acts around have taken the stage at Flint's iconic Atwood Stadium over the years. Take a look back at some amazing music memories.


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