Asthma suffers who use over-the-counter inhalers will have to start using a prescription only inhaler as the Food and Drug Administration start phasing out the CFC inhalers. The US along with other nations signed an agreement to stop using products that contain substances known to deplete the ozone layer.

People who use these inhalers will have until December 31st to switch to another inhaler that doesn't contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs.) Switching to the 'green' inhaler could be a bit pricey for some -- epinephrine inhalers are available for around $20, the new inhalers carry a price from $30 to $60 per unit.

Badrul Chowdhury, FDA's director of pulmonary drug division, said in a statement,"If you rely on an over-the-counter inhaler to relieve your asthma symptoms, it is important that you contact a health care professional to talk about switching to a different medicine to treat your asthma."