Lots of people voiced their opinions on the Queen of Soul's service, but we were all wondering what her family thought. Now, we know.

There's a new controversy, and it has nothing to do with Ariana Grande or Taco Bell - it's the eulogy that was delivered by Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., who's the senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church (the funeral was held at Greater Grace Temple).

You can see the full eulogy below.

Franklin's nephew issued a statement yesterday on behalf of the family saying the following:

"Rev. Jasper Williams spent more than 50 minutes speaking and at no time did he properly eulogize her. We feel that Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. used this platform to push his negative agenda, which as a family, we do not agree with. My aunt did not ask Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. to eulogize her before she passed away because dying is a topic that she never discussed with anyone. However, there were several people that my aunt admired that would have been outstanding individuals to deliver her eulogy including Dr. William J. Barber, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. James Holley and Pastor E.L. Branch."
Williams was asked to speak at the funeral because he also spoke at Aretha's father, brother and sister's funerals.

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