Governor Rick Snyder is signing anti-bullying legislation in to law today.  It will require all public schools in the state to adopt a uniform policy by June of 2012.

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Like many, I was bullied in grade school, middle school and through the first few years of high school.  Thankfully, I was not bullied at school nearly as bad as some of these kids who resort to suicide as a way out.  This is a great step forward for the state of Michigan, but one has to wonder... will this bring bullying to a hault?

Whether there are laws or school rules in place to prevent it, I worry that bullying will continue unless the consequences are severe enough.  Obviously when I was in school, bullying was not tolerated by teachers or school administrators.  However, the bullies would not taunt or pick on innocent victims in front of these people.  It was usually during lunch, recess, or on the bus where it is difficult for school faculty to see everything.

Bullying doesn't always happen in school, it can happen anywhere, like walking home from school, at a park or playground, at movie theater or a restaurant.  And it doesn't always involve young kids.  All ages, races, religions, education levels can be targeted by bullies.

Whether the new law will deter bullies or not, I am glad to see the state taking steps in the right direction.  We are making progress toward putting an end to the pointless and meaningless suffering of innocent kids who simply want to go to school to learn, and not be harassed.  They did nothing to deserve the punishment they endure, and it needs to stop.

As the governor is signing the legislation today, pop singer Lady Gaga is meeting with staff members from the Obama administration today at the White House to discuss her work on preventing bullying.  She won't be meeting with the president today, as he is headed to Kansas to give a speech on the economy.  Lady Gaga did meet the president earlier this year in California at a fundraiser for Obama's re-election campaign.