After the horrific school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School less than a month ago, and the school shooting threats that shut down Genesee and Lapeer county schools, another shooting has taken place. This time it occurred at Taft Union High School, about 120 miles northwest of Los Angeles. As tragic as any school shooting is, there is some good news. As of now, there is no word of any fatalities.

The shooting at the school took place around 9:00am Pacific Time this morning (Thursday) in the Science Building.  One student who was shot has been airlifted to a hospital in Bakersfield.  The 16-year-old victim is in critical condition.  A teacher has also been shot, but his injuries were minor and he refused medical treatment.

A class was going through a lock down drill at the school when the tone of the teacher changed dramatically and students realized that it was no longer a drill.  Parents told the local news affiliate KERO-TV that they were called by their kids who were at the time hiding in closets as the shooting occurred.  One parent said that her daughter was hysterical while on the phone with her daughter who had first called 911.

Kern County Sheriff Department Spokesman Ray Pruitt said that they do have a suspect in custody, and it's believed that he is a student at the school. The weapon was recovered and early reports indicate that a shotgun was used.  Parents have been asked to pick up students at the school's football field.  Lincoln High, another school in the district, has cancelled classes for today.

According to seven parents that were interviewed, the shooter was suspended last year for having what parents call a "hit list" of fellow classmates that he intended to hurt.  Taft Union High School will be closed until Monday.

Details can be seen here via a live stream from 23ABC, KERO-TV in Bakersfield.


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