Many school districts in Mid-Michigan are now closed until 2013. All 21 Superintendents in the GISD (Genesee Intermediate School District) all agreed unanimously to make the call following threats of violence related to the supposed 'end of the world' tomorrow (December 21st).

Following the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School almost a week ago, school officials said in a press release that "Our conclusion is that cancelling school is the appropriate thing to do."

There have been several threats made in regards to doomsday, in fact too many to investigate, and social media is allowing the situation to snowball. Cass City Schools closed early this week due to similar threats of violence.

According to ABC12, GISD Superintendent Lisa Hagel said...

"We don't have any immediate threats or dangers in school, we have a lot of, like you said, rumors, things the police are looking into, they're visiting students homes of rumors. The students are calling it a 'student revolt,' saying that because the world is going to end, they're going to bring weapons to school or something like that, they'll take care of people they didn't like anyway before the world ends."

The schools have made this decision with the safety of the students and staff in mind.  However, many elementary school students are now being deprived of their Christmas parties, and it's not fair to them.  The threats are supposedly coming from high school students, which is sad because as one caller pointed out this morning, "These kids are supposed to be our future."