The final American Idol contestants performed songs from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legends tonight on the Idol stage.  I thought it was a rough night for the majority of our final nine contestants.  See if you agree with my reaction to tonight's American Idol performances. Jacob took the stage endeavoring to bring his rendition of Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror", judges loved it.  It did nothing for me.  Haley doing  Joplin, definitely in her wheel-house, I actually liked her tonight. Casey just doesn't do it for me, but he should make it through this week with his Creedence Clearwater Revival performance. Lauren should be going home tomorrow, she didn't pull off her Aretha Franklin rendition of "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Women)" it was quite boring.

I really thought James would "rock" tonight, I wasn't impressed. No big surprise that Scotty would choose to do Elvis, anyone NOT see that coming? Again, a typical "Scotty" performance, it was good, he'll make it through to next week and into the finals. Pia doing a Tina Turner song, bye-bye ballads. She was awesome tonight and is so talented...she is our next American Idol!  I liked Stefano tonight. His performance of "When A Man Loves A Woman" is exactly why I believe he will finish in the top five this season. Closing the show tonight was Paul, not one of my favorite contestants. But, he had a good night, maybe he should do a little Johnny Cash every week.  My prediction...Lauren is going home tomorrow night!

Watch tonight's American Idol performances and see if you agree.