"Bring your own candles, we are broke." 

After an electrical fire at a 24-hour Taco Bell in Montgomery, Alabama, the community came together to mourn. Yes, really.

A self-proclaimed "chalupa enthusiast" and his roommate started the Facebook event, which ended up being bigger than they originally planned. The description said:

Please join us in mourning the okay customer service as we stand together in the loss of our beloved taco bell. May we never forget the okay customer service and long wait line for the oh so delightful baja blasts and 5 dollar quesadilla box. Bring your own candles. We are broke.

And join them, they did.

Mourners poured out Baja Blasts all over the parking lot, and a group that calls themselves the "Baja Angels" offered singing and dancing.

We know a lot of people who are VERY serious about Taco Bell and wouldn't think this is weird.

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