Pete Carr passed away on June 27th. He was 70 years old. You may not recognize the name, but I guarantee you know Pete Carr. Because his guitar playing or producing skill is undoubtedly all over a record you liked. Especially if you're a Bob Seger fan.

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According to, Pete Carr was a Swamper. One of the Muscle Shoals, Alabama Swampers - the studio musicians that helped record some of the greatest music of the 70s and 80s. The same Swampers who get named checked by Lynyrd Skynyrd in "Sweet Home Alabama". And Pete played lead guitar for the Swampers. A job where you really had to know your stuff. He also was in a duo from the 70s called LeBlanc and Carr, who, as mellow as their music was, were frequently the opening act for Lynyrd Skynyrd's tours. But his biggest contribution to music around that time was in the studio. That's Pete on guitar in dozens of hit songs, including "Kodachrome" from Paul Simon, Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night" and - one of my favorites - Bob Seger's "Mainstreet".

If there's a more recognizable opening to a song than the guitar from the first 14 seconds of the studio recording of "Mainstreet", tell me - because I can't think of one. That's all Pete. And not only did he play on that song, but he was involved in playing on and/or producing dozens of Segers' songs on seven albums.

So, this weekend, put on some Seger. And- now that you know him - raise a glass to Pete Carr.

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