When you're not pregnant, and somebody asks when you're "due," you "do" a food baby photo shoot. 

Twice in the last two weeks, Jenny B and I have been asked if we're pregnant. By total strangers.

Yes, people still do this. Which, in my opinion, is one of the biggest faux pas you can make. Say this out loud and repeat it to yourself, mmmkay?

Unless a woman has her legs akimbo and you can see the baby's head crowning, never ask a woman when she's due. 

It's hurtful, for so many reasons.

First and foremost, you're implying that she looks pregnant. And if there's anything that the world has taught us, it's that a woman's beauty is defined by her waistline. None of the women in my family have flat stomachs. I've never had abs, and I never will. I'm acutely aware that, since I had my son 9 years ago, I've got a pooch. A tummy. A gut. You don't have to point that out. I run half marathons and I can't get rid of it. It is what it is.

Second, did you ever stop to think that maybe she can't get pregnant? Because that's not a choice for a lot of women, and it's a very sensitive issue.

Third, you're questioning her life choices. Maybe she doesn't want kids? Jenny B doesn't want kids right now, and that's none of anybody else's business.

Needless to say, we decided to have a sense of humor about it. Enter the "Food Baby Photo Shoot."

But we totally ate our feelings off camera.