For many of us, memories of Aggie Usedly as the "lottery lady" who hosted the Michigan Lottery's daily-drawing broadcasts, date back to childhood. Usedly, Darryl Wood, and Beth McLeod will soon be replaced by a machine, preloaded with a recorded voice that announces the daily winning numbers.

The reason? The bottom line, of course.

Michigan Lottery Deputy Commissioner Tom Weber says dismissing the longtime personalities will save an estimated $335,000 per year. The three have been hosting the broadcasts for a combined 75 years; Usedly has 35, Wood 25, and McLeod 15.

Usedly told CBS Detroit that it's a sign of the times. ”They’re just going automated now. (We’re) being replaced by a robot.”

Beginning October 1st, lottery drawings will be done with no on-camera host, but simply a close-up shot of the same ball machines currently in use. Drawings will continue to be live, and air at the same time, and on the same stations they are currently on.

- George McIntyre
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