A year ago, the abandoned house was full of jammed toilets, broken glass, and even a dead dog. Now, it's blooming with over 36,000 flowers.

Detroit florist Lisa Waud purchased the duplex at auction for $250. Structurally, it's a wreck. And before Lisa could even start her floral journey, 12,000 pounds of trash had to be hauled out of the house.

Waud and three dozen other florists from around the country have turned the house into the "Flower House," which averaged about 2,000 visitors over the weekend. Each room features an installation of flowers, which are all American-grown.

Her inspiration came from a Christian Dior couture show in 2012, which featured flowers in a mansion. “It was stunning, and I knew immediately that I wanted to do that. But living in Detroit, I pictured it in an abandoned house,” she said. “I’m trying to rebrand abandoned houses as a resource.”

The sad news? The house is set to be demolished sometime soon, and was only open over the past weekend. Materials from the house will be recycled and used for other projects.

I'm kind of sad that we just heard of this! I would've loved to have seen it. But what a great idea!