Following the morning when our cruise liner slammed into the Nassau pier, my family decided to get off the ship and explore Nassau.  We took a ferry boat to Paradise Island and did some sight-seeing.

We looked around inside the Atlas resort, an amazing feat of architectural design.  It features what looks like an enormous walkway between the two towers.  We learned that it's actually a very expensive suite that has been leased out by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Stevie Wonder.

As much as I wanted to jump into the huge ocean waves, the air temperature was just barely in the 60s.  With the wind blowing as fast as it was, I didn't want to freeze during the 30 trek back to my cabin on board the ship.

My daughter, Hayli, was mesmerized by the bright blue water and wanted to put her feet in the water.  Before I had a chance to warn her and my wife about how strong the waves were, you guessed it... Hayli fell into the ocean!  Listening to her cry the entire journey back to the ferry, on the ferry, and as we got on the ship, I felt completely helpless.  She was fine once we got her into dry clothes and she finally warmed up.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this series, the vacation was great!  It was just filled with chaos and events that made it the best and worst vacation ever!  I will continue with details of our group's spotty attendance at dinner throughout the cruise, and our stop in Sanibel to visit my uncle and his alligators.

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