Yes, he's stupid. We all agree. But don't act like you've never gotten wasted on vacation before.

Oh, Nick Naydev. Probably not the reason you ever thought you'd become famous but, well, here we are.

The Washington man was on a Royal Caribbean cruise with his buddies and, no doubt, charged a bunch of over-priced liquor-laden drinks to his card while at the ship's pool. They then went back to their balcony and decided that Nick should take a flying leap over the side.

The ship was docked in the Nassau, Bahamas when Nick jumped off the 11th floor of the ship. He swam to shore and was informed by the ship's security that he was banned from the ship and had to find his own way home. Authorities in Nassau didn't file charges.

He says that he hopes nobody tries to copy him and he never thought it would go viral. *snort*

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