And, because she's American, she had to set up a GoFundMe account for her medical expenses.

Tiffany Johnson is a native of Midland County, attended Central Michigan University, and now lives in North Carolina. She and her husband was vacationing in the Bahamas and, on June 2nd, went snorkeling.

She was in 10 feet of water when she "bumped into" something. She said that it didn't hurt, but when she looked over, a shark had her arm in its mouth. When she tried to pull her arm out, the shark clamped down harder.

Adrenaline hit her and she managed to break free. Her husband was on a nearby boat and jumped in to help her. She was taken to a hospital in Nassau, where they had to remove what was left of her arm.

Of course, because you can't get hurt or sick without going bankrupt in this country, there are insurance issues and she will eventually need a prosthesis. You can donate to the mother of three HERE.

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