Food trucks are one of the best developments in the last 15 years.  For the owner, you're not dealing with real estate restrictions and all of the other red tape that comes with brick & mortar locations.  For customers -- delicious food that will come to your events or show up around the corner from work like an oasis in the Mojave Desert!  Try these food trucks around Genesee County -- not only will you support local businesses, but you'll get some of the best flavors NOT served at a sit-down place.

#1 Vehicle City Tacos -- Not only do they have dope tacos... they have bowls, chips & queso, nachos, vegan options, too.  Huge portions at a reasonable price (and great customer service) is a bonus!  Next time you visit Tenacity Brewing, order at the bar and they'll bring them to you!  Or look for them at events all over Genesee County.

#2 Northern Smoke BBQ -- Owner and Pit-master, Dennis Stevens, has crafted unique rubs and sauces for his own unique flavors.  According to his website -- everything evolved from 20+ years of ideas (and using his family & friends as taste-testers--not a bad gig). Next time you hit the Flint Famer's Market lookout for the truck. (They'll do catering, too)

#3 D&W's Street Eatery -- This truck's home base is on Silver Lake Road in Fenton.  You can find them all over Mid-Michigan serving up Latin-American and Smoked BBQ Street Food.  You won't go wrong trying anything on the menu.  Try the Dirty Smoked Burrito, first!

Chef preparing tacos in a food truck.

#4 Sweet Whimsies -- You'll find a fix for any sweet tooth at this truck based in Davison, MI.  Again, it's a food truck, you could find them anywhere else, too!  Bread pudding, apple crisp (that could rival my mom's recipe) and even cheesecake.  Give diet a cheat day when you see Sweet Whimsies!

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#5 isn't a food truck.  If I had my way, it would be.  Hoffman's Deco Deli & Cafe in Downtown Flint. Sandwiches & wraps have local names like the Weatherball (turkey, bacon, swiss) or the Carriage Town Corn Beef (self explanatory) and even that salads keep a local theme like Genesee Tower (pepperoni, salami, ham, peppers & feta).  This locally owned shop is on Saginaw Street and one day I hope they'll have a food truck, too!

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