The tornado that slammed Joplin, MO on May 22, like the others around the country recently, has resulted in stunning first-person video accounts. With the popularity of video capability on smartphones (not to mention digital cameras) we are now not only seeing the damage closer than ever, but we are also seeing what it's like to wait for the storm, then experience it.

Below are some videos that show the intensity of the storms (during and after).

WARNING: Some videos contain graphic language.

Chopper arrives at the scene soon after the storms hit.

Terrifying audio shows the anxious wait for the storm, and the inevitable impact. [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]

Resident records video of his unrecognizable neighborhood, while survivors wander the streets unsure what to do. [GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]

Eerily quiet footage shows the ruins of a gas station.

Weather Channel reporter Mike Bettes arrives on the scene an hour after the storms, and frantically searches for survivors in cars.

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