Yikes. Did anybody else have trouble sleeping last night?!Several confirmed tornadoes touched down in Michigan yesterday and last night. The tornadoes were all part of a "derecho," or long-lived, widespread storm. As I recall, didn't we have one of these a couple of years ago?

The storm came in two waves: one in the afternoon, and one in the late evening. Yesterday afternoon, an EF-1 tornado touched down in Portland, just northwest of Lansing, causing quite a bit of damage. EF stands for "enhanced Fujita," which is the scale that the National Weather Service uses to determine the intensity of a tornado.

According to WXYZ-Detroit, there could be as many as five confirmed tornadoes that touched down in Michigan yesterday afternoon into the evening.

Not gonna lie, it was hard to go to sleep last night, knowing how dangerous the weather was. We stayed up past midnight, keeping an eye on the news. Did you see any damage near you?


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