Hey Little Darlings - we're looking at YOU.

First of all, let's see some ID - this story is 18+ only.

Remember hearing the stories about Boober Eats, the delivery service that was using scantily-clad dancers to deliver food to people? Well, it's gone...but they've got something even better.

Dancers at the Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland are in pasties and shorty shorts are performing under a tent in the club's parking lot to entertain carloads of people for $30-a-piece; $10 per each additional passenger in the car. And yes, you have to order food.

Unfortunately, Boober Eats was shut down by Uber (color me shocked), so they've renamed their food delivery service Lucky Devil Eats. Their "strip-thru" is called Food2GoGo.

There's only so much that we can share, so...enjoy. If you want to see more, Google it.

Portland Strip Club Offers Drive-Thru During COVID-19

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