Yes, this still happens. Yes, it's a problem - and it's NOT with the kids who are being bullied.

Bethany Thompson was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 3-years-old. She had a brain tumor removed, and has been cancer-free since 2008. However, due to nerve damage, she had a crooked smile - a feature that was constantly made fun of by other kids. Her curly hair was also a target, according to her mom, Wendy Feucht.

Her school, Triad Middle School, was aware of the problems with bullying. They had investigated the complaints, "resolved" them, and got her into some counseling. The day she died, October 19th, she had brought anti-bullying posters to school, but administrators told her that she couldn't hang them.

She came home, found a gun and shot herself while her stepfather was in another room. Her friend's father had tried to call her parents, but it was too late.

Her mom has received messages of sympathy from across the world.

Why is this still happening? I'd love to know what happened to the bullies. Were they punished? Were their parents contacted? Kids can learn to be bullies ANYWHERE. TV, school, etc. But it is OUR JOB to teach them that this behavior, regardless of where it's learned, is NOT OKAY.


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