Here we go with another list of famous and notable people born here in Michigan.

We are back at it with another list and this time our journey brings us to Farmington Hills, Michigan. The list below contains eleven people that were born in Farmington Hills that went on to have a notable careers or became a celebrity.

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As always, I'm sure there are more notable and famous people from Farmington Hills, and if I missed one of your favorites, be sure to leave them in the comments.

Farmington Hills is the second most-populated city in Oakland County, after Troy. In 2020, it was listed as the second safest city in Michigan. Farmington Hills is the home to the only Holocaust memorial in the state, which is called the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Farmington Hills is also home to the headquarters of several major companies including Gale, Mango Languages, the United States HQ of Bosch, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, TD Auto Finance, and more. The city is also the former home to headquarters for Compuware, White Motor Company, A&W Restaurants, Michigan National Bank, and more. Some of the big employers in Farmington Hills include Beaumont Hospital, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Robert Bosch Corporation, Concentrix, and more.

In the list below you will find everything from actors and actresses to athletes and criminals. Farmington Hills was also home to a prominent person within The Simpsons franchise and a sex therapist. See which celebrities and notable people are from Farmington Hills, Michigan below. Enjoy!

Source: Wikipedia

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