Michigan will see its' first public recovery high school at the start of next year.

A new high school that is designed for teens who are struggling with addiction in Michigan will open in January of 2021. The new school being opened is called Wellspring Academy. Currently, the closest schools of this nature are in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to Wellspring Academy, around 2,000 students in southeast Michigan either leave or get kicked out of school for alcohol and drug abuse and 100% of students are offered drugs on their first day back to school following treatment. On top of that, 90% of adult addicts actually start using drugs in high school. Another reason that schools like this are needed is because 70% of students relapse in six months or less upon returning to school.

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The new Wellspring Academy will be located in Farmington Hills and starting in January of 2021, virtual classes will begin. Wellspring Academy is scheduled to begin in-person classes in Farmington Hills in September of 2021.

Students that attend Wellspring Academy must express and demonstrate a commitment to recovery.

  • To enroll, all students must be committed to actively working toward a recovery-oriented lifestyle and submit to regular drug tests.
  • Students are required to be actively maintaining recovery and remain clean and sober while attending.
  • All enrolled students must work with Wellspring recovery staff to develop an individualized recovery plan.
  • Students must participate fully in substance abuse recovery programming.
  • Students must attend a minimum of two self-help meetings each week.

To see more about Wellspring Academy and its programs, click here. 


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