Michigan's first Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken restaurant officially opened up today in Farmington Hills. This is the first of five locations planned for the state.

What is Bonchon?

Bonchon Chicken is a South Korean-based international fried chicken restaurant franchise. They specialize in hand-battered, double-fried, extra crispy Korean fried chicken. They had me at double-fried.

Steve Felson, vice president of operations for Bonchon explained it best to MLive.

We double fry and then the coating of sauce is applied in a thin layer with a paintbrush so you get all the flavors of the chicken, breading and sauce at the same time. The reason why we double fry is to give the chicken a chance to cook and rest. When we fry it again, it fries out the fat and the skin is really crispy and crunchy.

Tell me that doesn't sound so freaking delicious?

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Along with that double-fried chicken, Bonchon also serves fried rice, stir fry, potstickers, mac and cheese with kimchi, Korean street corn and seasoned fries. They also offer Mochi ice cream which is a Japanese dessert made from a sweet pounded rice dough wrapped around ice cream.

Where in Farmington Hills is Bonchon Located?

Bonchon is located at 29715 Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills.

Bonchon has plans to open another location in Troy in 2022, with another three in the works for sometime in the near future. The other locations are planned for Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Royal Oak. Unfortunately, nothing is being planned for a Flint area location.

I've been waiting so long for a Bonchon restaurant to open in Michigan. Well, it looks my wait is finally over. However, it does suck that it's nearly an hour drive from Flint.

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