11 years ago, I had a friend that would hang out with me during my old 'Nite Time' radio show, then we'd end up at one of our apartments playing Atari and watching 'Family Guy'. One year later, I found myself in tears of joy at the sight of her beauty as she walked down the aisle towards me. I can't believe that was ten years ago!

Over the past decade my wife and I have made some amazing memories, but we've also had more than our fair share of challenges. The important thing is that no matter what obstacles we faced, we made it through together!

One of the best parts about our relationship is our high level of sarcasm! A few years ago, I read her a poem on the air without warning the morning team what I had in mind. Yep! It was incredibly uncomfortable, and my wife played along perfectly!

So after I quit drinking a year ago and became sober enough to realize how lucky I was, I promised her a cruise for putting up with me. Well here we are just days before our anniversary, and we're both running around like headless chickens getting ready for our kidless getaway!



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