Yes, it IS as hard to work with your spouse as you think it is.

Today at 2:30 PM ET, ten years ago, Pat and I got married at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. And contrary to popular belief, we had a religious ceremony and didn't take our vows at a drive-thru with Elvis (not that there's anything wrong with that).

We've been a morning show longer than we've been married. We've been parents to our son for longer than we've been married. And yes, Pat was married to somebody else when I met him. We don't deny that, we're not proud of it but it was what it was.

None of these things made for an ideal situation, and we knew that. We weathered all the storms, we heard the naysayers loud and clear. We knew that we had a lot to prove, but we also knew that we were too stubborn to stay together if it wasn't right.

It was.

Our son is on the autism spectrum. We've moved to three different states and five cities in three time zones. We've had very little family support because of this, and we became the caretakers for Pat's mom. We work super early, so we've been paying for daycare non-stop for an entire decade. No, it has NOT been easy.

But it's not supposed to be, is it? That's why they say "marriage is work."

You know what was REALLY hard? Bringing 50 members of our friends and family to Vegas for a wedding! DAAAAAANG. Nobody told me that a destination wedding would be so tough.  To quote Pat's mom while my cousin and my sister were bustling my train, "nobody is helping ME get dressed." Oh Janet, God rest her soul.

Anyways, we're proud of ourselves for making it and we're ready for another ten.There have been many moments where we could've thrown in the towel, but we chose to weather the storms. And we're better now because of it.


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