We met a groundskeeper from Alabama who had an accent so thick, it could melt butter.

We learned quite a few new things today:

1) Pro-Am day is a lot of fun, but the golfers are SUPER serious on the actual opening day.

2) There are traveling groundskeepers that come from all over the country.

3) The guy from Dow couldn't talk to us on camera about the veterans tent because they "have a lot of lawyers."

4) You get a member discount on clubhouse merch if you've got a ticket to the Ally Challenge.

5) Hard liquor is served early and in large amounts.

6) If a pro is walking towards you (even if you don't know who they are), you move for THEM. They will NOT move for you.

7) Don't expect things to run on schedule. Like, ever.

8) They have actual DRYERS attached to mowers to dry the dew off the grass.

9) Golf shirts are NOT cheap, especially depending on the logo.

10) A halfway house on a golf course is NOT where people go after they get out of prison.

Enjoy the Ally Challenge this weekend, everybody!

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