Ginger Is Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Meet Ginger, she is a Chow-Lab mix who just turned ten-years-old, I wish human's aged as good as dogs. Ginger has spent the last seven years of her life with Sue and her family, the first few years of Ginger's life were not quite as good. Get the rest of Ginger's story after the jump.
Meet Hank – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
The Ackerman family of Grand Blanc sent us this photo of Hank the Golden Doodle. Hank looks like a very happy little fella, especially with that raw hide in his mouth. Lets find out what Hank likes to do when he's not chewing on a raw hide.
Plastic Surgery On The Rise For Pets [VIDEO]
Dogs aren't perfect: the excessive drool, droopy eyes, the wrinkly skin, but if your like me those quirky flaws are all part of what makes you love them...right?
Apparently not. For vanity and health reasons, more and more U.S. pet owners are turning to plastic surgery to alter their furry compa…
Meet Riley Bear – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Mary sent us a photo and some information about the 'love of her life' little Riley Bear. I understand how you feel Mary; sometimes a pet can connect with you like a human, when they do watch out. Let's find out a little more about Riley Bear after the jump.
86 Animals Removed From Woman’s Home
How sick do you have to be to have 86 pets in your house? One woman in Nebraska actually had this many animals in her house and when police discovered this, they deemed her house unfit to live in. Now her son has been placed somewhere else and she faces several charges including one count of suspici…
Meet Silas – Today’s Very Talented Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Silas is a six-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -- wow, what a smart sounding breed. As you can tell by the photo Julie sent us of her son, he appears to be a very interesting dog. I think Silas was doing his homework when this picture was taken. Take the jump and learn more.
Meet Derby-Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Meet Derby, he is a ten-year-old Westie (the Cesar dog). Janine(mom) tells us he is a very active little fella for his age. Derby has had some what of an interesting life, read more after the jump.

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