Lord Remington Steel Is Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
The photos that you folks have been sending me of your  furry little friends are great. They sort of give us an idea about what their personality is like just by looking at them. That brings us to today's Pal With Paws, Lord Remington Steel, hey, I remember that show.
Meet Snoopy – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Snoopy is five-years-old, and was rescued by April and Marc Swarthout. The first thing they did with Snoopy was take him for some basic obedience classes and he graduated with honors. Pictured here the day he graduated. Lets take the jump and learn more about Snoopy our Pal with Paws.
Meet George The World’s Largest Dog [VIDEO]
George is a seven-foot-long Great Dane, who weights in at 252lbs. That makes him the world's largest dog, who is afraid of Chihuahuas. Giant George, as he is known by his family, sleeps on his own queen-size bed. Learn more, and meet George after the jump.

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