Army Wives Raise Money To Bring Home Afgan Dogs
This is a great story, because it's an issue that most people are not aware of, the fact that there are a lot of displaced animals in the war zone. I know we have a lot  of animals running loose here in the states, but what's happening is a lot of military men and woman are getting at…
Meet Snowball – The Dancing Cockatoo [VIDEO]
Snowball proves that human's aren't the only animal that walk on two legs and has rhythm. As a matter of fact Snowball is forcing scientists to re-evaluate their opinion on avian intelligence. Take the jump and check out Snowball's smooth moves.
Florida Couple Lives With 15 Skunks [VIDEO]
It's really not something you should raise a stink about. I thought having a 160lb dog in the house was bad,but 15 skunks, I can't imagine what that would be like. Here's how it all got started, five years ago Don and Brenda Hoch saw a skunk in a pet store, they bought it and took it …
Meet Stormie – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Stormie's humans are Dean and Caron Mosey of Flushing, their job is to make Stormie's life as comfortable as possible. After all she is a cat and we all know cats get whatever they want, right? What does Stormie like to do with all of her time? Find out after the jump.
Meet Yoda – The World’s Ugliest Dog [VIDEO]
True story, there is an ugliest dog contest. Those of us that are dog owners, think our dog is the cutest thing on four legs, it takes a special kind of person to admit that their dog is ugly. Learn more about Yoda after the jump.

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