Trix, has the honor to be the first rabbit ever to be featured as a Pal with Paws. Yes, rabbits do have paws. Chris, the owner of Trix, says that his rabbit friend is a very loving pet and really good company.

What do rabbits like to do?  Find out after the jump.

Trix, just like most rabbits loves to go outside and munch on grass, and he also loves to hang out in the house and munch on things, like power cords and wood furniture.

Chris tells me that you have to keep an eye on him. Chris also told me that the reason why Trix (a boy) is wearing a pink collar is because they didn't find out he was a boy until after the trip to Pets Plus. I hate it when that happens. Chris thank you for letting us make Trix today's Pal with Paws.