I guess this is what you would call a Christmas miracle. Oskar was born blind and has been featured in many YouTube videos over the last year. I first saw Oskar on ABC News over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was going to post a story about him then, but I got side tracked and it never happened. I came upon this new video of Oskar and thought it's time to share.

Take the jump to meet Oskar the kitten and Oskar the cat.

Oskar lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with a family that loves him very much. He was born without vision, everything Oskar does is done with his senses of smell and hearing. When you watch Oskar it's hard to tell he is blind.

In the first video it's Oskar the kitten, in the second it's Oskar the cat lending a paw putting up the Christmas tree.

Watch the videos and enjoy the miracle.

Now Oskar the cat.