Most people never get to ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle let alone a dog. Go Billy Peanut, pictured here with his personal driver Larry. I'm good with all of this as long as the next photo you send me Peggy(mom) doesn't show Billy Peanut driving the Harley. Then I'll get really jealous.

Let's get a better look at today's biker Pal with Paws.

The White family is from Durand, they love to spend a lot of summer days on the Harley. Billy Peanut would always get a little upset whenever Larry would take the Harley out for a spin. Larry being the loving owner that he is built Billy Peanut a bike seat. The rest is history.

Peggy and Larry thank you for helping us make Billy Peanut today's Pal with Paws.