This is certainly a story that could bring tears to your eyes, but at the same time it has a happy ending. The story also has a unlikely hero, a Yellow Lab named Reagan. The canine hero Reagan made the discovery on an Iowa roadside that saved the two precious lives.

The two kittens had been sealed into a bag of Meow Mix, left on a roadside and run over by traffic on a rural Iowa highway about three months ago.

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It was Reagan the dog who dragged the bag home and whined until his owner opened it. Reagan's owner discovered two kittens barely hanging onto life, while the rest of the litter hadn't survived. The Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary is now housing the two kittens Skipper and Tipper who weren't originally expected to live through the ordeal. The two kittens were bottle fed every two hours and are now back to their normal lively selves.

Thanks to Regan, both kittens are up for adoption through the Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary.