It's puppy picture time on our Pals with Paws feature. Mia is a three-year-old very active Sheltie. A lot of people call this breed a Miniature Collie but it is not, it's a Sheltie. Take the jump to find out what Mia likes to do in her spare time, which is all of her time.

Shannon the very proud keeper and best friend of Mia says she is a very active little dog. Mia loves to spend her time running around the kitchen table in circles all day. That sounds kind of weird Shannon, you should teach her how to play cards or something. Just kidding, I had a Sheltie his name was Winston and Shannon you'll be glad to know that he did the same thing as Mia, chase the table. Thank you Shannon for helping us make Mia today's Pal with Paws.