Flint Mayor Dayne Walling went to The White House on Tuesday where he visited with President Obama.

Walling joined 18 other mayors from across the country for a Roundtable on Youth Violence. After meeting with the President, another meeting took place with Attorney General Holder that included police chiefs. Walling was joined for that meeting by Flint Public Safety Director and Chief of Police Alvern Lock.

Walling said "it was an honor to meet with President Obama and Attorney General Holder to discuss strategies to reduce youth violence" and "with the tragedies we have experienced this summer I am more motivated than ever to find new solutions and save lives."

Flint has already benefited from federal assistance in battling youth violence. Some of the discussion centered on community based violence prevention strategies such as the ceasefire model, know in Flint as Lifelines.

Some of the other city mayors on hand for the Roundtable included Mitch Landrieu from New Orleans, Vincent Gray of Washington D.C., Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore and Kasin Reed of Atlanta.